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IN VIEW- Nuit Blanche: Memories (Broad Lingerie, 1763 Danforth Ave.)


Presented by @eastendartsto and @thedannybia, and exploring the Nuit Blanche East Danforth theme, “The Space Beneath Us”, drawing inspiration from the lost rivers and ancient shorelines of east Toronto. 

Art Statement

Memories invites viewers to dig inside and bring forward precious memories that happened to us in East Danforth. Whether from our childhood or yesterday, the exploration is meant to go beneath the surface of our recollection. While you look at this installation, I invite you to remember the moment of your first kiss, eating ice cream with your sibling, or celebrating a special birthday. These memories are part of what constitutes the history of East Danforth, and they are hiding beneath us in the architecture, landscape, and roads. These memories live and just as shadows, sometimes go unnoticed. But how do we keep a moment from vanishing away forever? The shadows captured in this installation show moments frozen in time. Silhouettes of the flora that compose East Danforth, while the hanging circles represent the fragility of the memories. These are being suspended just like they are in our minds. However, the shadows act as a reminder that they can slip away the moment we forget them. 

From hanging mobiles to photographs of temporary things, this installation invites visitors to reflect on what lies beneath us, and the experiences from places that give shape to memories.

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Press: Toronto Observer, East End Arts Facebook, East End Arts website.

This installation took place at Nuit Blanche Toronto from October 1st to October 2nd, 2022

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