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About Storytelling Video Series

Storytelling is part of creating art. Composed of four videos, this series deepens the constant concepts that I explore in my paintings and touches on my art process.

1. Just like a Magic Trick

Light and shadows have been a concept that I have been exploring for some years now. It never ceases to amaze me the wonders of these two.

It really is hypnotizing to see the shadows appear and disappear in my paintings because you can never guess when it will happen. You can look at the sky and think that they’ll disappear because a cloud is coming, but the wind might change unexpectedly.

For this story, I chose to call this coming and going of light and shadow “magic trick” because of the surprise involved in the process. 

2. In the Quietest Moments

There is so much going on around us that it is hard to see the little things. 

⏰ The sound of the ticking of a clock can be overpowered by a conversation going on at the same time.

🌅 A sunset can easily be missed if we don’t look out of the window.

🌘 Shadows are part of those everyday little things that can get lost among distractions.

It is easy to find many little things and moments in nature when you are paying attention. Let’s go for a walk to find them and experience them fully!

3. What do you see?

There are no right or wrong answers because there’re as many interpretations as people in the world. Memory and experiences play an important part in the analysis of an artwork. A flower or a blue colour could represent something sweet to a person and something sad to another one.

As an artist, it all starts with an improvised movement of a brush in order to transfer a daydream to a canvas. My language is formed by colour, shapes, light and shadows.

What do you see?

4. Can you imagine?

Today, I take you with me to an imaginary world where shadows are an extension of our bodies. What would a shadow feel?

Reaching beyond what we can imagine. Going through glass doors. Shadows can reach what is unreachable to us. They are attached to us but they certainly are limitless as long there is a light source.

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