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A series of images conceptualizing the ephemeral aspect of thoughts and moments. 


My images bring attention to the small things in life using natural light and shadows as reminders of what is always present around us, but we sometimes take them for granted. 

This series combines traditional art (paint on canvas), digital photograph and natural light from the sun. 

My paintings with the intervention of light and shadows share unique instants in time. To allow others to witness these moments, I capture them using a digital camera.

Shadows’ was first shown at the Runnymede Public library in Toronto. It was in an intimate and cozy space. I showed around 25 pieces, and all were framed in a simple black frame. This series has become an ongoing project adapted into several exhibitions (in person and online) as well as into installations like 'Light Source' and 'Memories' shown in the 2022 Nuit Blanche Toronto.

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By definition, sun•down is the time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fades. Sundown is a synonym for 'sunset'.

This collection is inspired by the last colours of the sky we see before the darkness of the night takes over after sunset. Based on the idea of taking in those last minutes of daylight, 'Sundown' captures the relaxing colours of Toronto's sunsets giving you the opportunity to permanently enjoy them inside your home.

The series is composed of unique mixed-media paintings of a diversity of sizes to fit a variety of spaces. One of the paintings in this collection was part of my recent Nuit Blanche 'Memories' installation and is soon to be available for sale.

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